June 10-12, 2022 South Bass Island: This will be year number 18 in celebrating, the South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous as the premier kayaking gathering on Lake Erie. Join more than 100 kayakers from the tri-state area and beyond for a weekend of paddling, camping, socializing and exploring the islands located in the western basin of Lake Erie.

Each year on the second weekend after Memorial Day, paddlers have descended upon the South Bass Island State Park for this annual gathering. This paddler organized event, brings kayakers together for a fun weekend. Safety is our utmost concern and paddlers are encouraged to plan their own water based activities, but join our land based social functions. There are countless paddling opportunities among the islands of the Western Basin. For beginners there are paddling opportunities within the Put-in-Bay Harbor, for intermediate paddlers, there are miles of island coastline to paddle and for experienced paddlers there are dozens of open water crossings between islands to explore. See our paddling page for destination ideas for your weekend. 

South Bass Island is a perfect paddling location for kayakers who want to rough it at the State Park or for those who like to be close to civilization. The amenities at the State Park are excellent, the views from the cliff-side campsites are amazing, and downtown Put-in-Bay is a close walk or shuttle drive.

Paddlers can make the crossing from the mainland or they can take the Miller Ferry. If the weather turns, the Miller Ferry is an excellent safety gap for the return trip to the mainland.

Most of all, come, paddle, socialize and experience the wonderful gem we call the Erie Islands!

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Welcome Kayakers and Friends of Lake Erie:

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Special Guest for 2022-  Lake Erie, with its scenic views and world-class fishing has become a source of pride for our state and even our nation. However, throughout history, it has offered an ideal backdrop for evil misdeeds to be carried out. Pirates, robbers, and even murderers have used the 240 mile stretch of open waters and dark shoreline to conduct such bloody offenses. Join author Wendy Koile as she recounts such eerie tales that occurred on this great but deadly lake. 
Wendy is the author of four books published by The History Press. Her books include Geneva on the Lake: A History of Ohio’s First Resort, Legends and Lost Treasures of Northern Ohio, Disasters on the Lake Erie Islands, Lake Erie Murder and Mayhem.