The Unique South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous T-Shirts have become quite a gathering tradition. I'm excited to share the design for 2023, another awesome design by paddler Mike Bruggeman.

Paddling with friends is by far one of my most favorite things to do. The SBIKR has been as much a social gathering as it's been a paddler gathering. The islands are our base, the water is our play ground, the waves are our roller coasters and the winds can be confidence building and humbling. This year's logo features a female kayaker. I've been on the water with many fearless female boaters and in conjunction with our keynote speaker Dorsey DeMaster, we are celebrating what women bring to our kayaking family. Our logo shows the boater taking on the waves in the shadow of Perry's Victory and International Peace Monument. This year's shirts celebrate our 19th year of gathering at SBI State Park. 

As we celebrate our 19th year of this event, we are very thankful for all the paddlers who have joined us and will visit again. This event wouldn't happen without you, the kayakers of the Inland Seas. 

This year we are offering a wide selection of wearable options in partnership with Wilkinson Sportswear and utilizing a wearable on line store. I'll have the wearables at the Island for pick up. if you are not able to come, please contact me at to arrange for mailing or pick up.

2023 T-Shirt Logo 

Front Left 
Chest Logo
2023 Logo Celebrating our 19th year!