The unique South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous T-Shirts have become a gathering tradition. I am excited to announce the shirt design for 2016! Design for 2017 is underway! 

They say if you give a man a fish, he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. Early in my kayaking career, I learned and understood the importance of navigation and a compass. This year's design theme pays tribute to the simple compass. No matter where I paddle, all waterways lead me back to my Lake Erie home waters and to the SBIKR each June. For me this gathering isn't so much about the water or islands, it's about the lifelong friends and paddling partners I've met on South Bass Island. A compass will always point us in the right direction. 

In 2016 we are offering two logo items. A Navy Blue short sleeve poly wicking shirt and a grey cotton hoodie. Both of these Items will be sold at cost, $10 for the poly t-shirt and $15 for the cotton hoodie. We'll get them to the island and they will be available at the Friday night pot luck or look up Eric at site #109. Help promote the SBIKR by wearing your logo gear year round! Special thanks to fellow paddler Mike Bruggeman for his graphic talents!

Please send your size and shirt type to Eric Slough at S-XXL.

2016 T-Shirt Logo - Released!

Front Left 
Chest Logo
Available this year in a poly wicking t-shirt ($10) or a grey cotton hoodie ($15) for those long winter months we dream about kayaking
Grey Hoodie, Navy logo ($15)
Full Front Chest
Navy Shirt, Orange logo ($10)
Back Logo
Navy Shirt, Orange logo ($10)
Front Left Chest
2017 logo release soon! .