Unique South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous T-Shirts have become quite a gathering tradition. The 20th logo is still being roughed out, but we will have the wearable website up and running soon! Mike Bruggeman has again used his design talents and created another excellent logo for our 20th anniversary. Scroll down for the logo. 

As we celebrate our 20th year of this event, we are very thankful for all the paddlers who have joined us and will visit again. This event wouldn't happen without you, the kayakers of the Inland Seas. Over the years South Bay Bessie has been a theme on our shirts. If you've paddled for any length of time you've seen here. I've found she's particularly fond of frosted strawberry pop tarts It's only fitting that Bessie helps us celebrate our 20th year by making another appearance on our apparel. 

This year we are offering a wide selection of wearable options in partnership with Wilkinson Sportswear and utilizing a wearable on line store. I'll have the wearables at the Island for pick up. if you are not able to come, please contact me at to arrange for mailing or pick up. 



2024 T-Shirt Logo 

Front Left 
Chest Logo
2024 Logo Celebrating our 20th year!  
Paddling hats. We've had many requests to do another batch of SBIKR hats. The hats will be yellow or orange this year, with blue logo. This logo, This foldable style. Cost is $24 per hat. To order email, Put SBIKR Hat in the subject line. Email him your color(s) and how many hats. Mike Bielski will send you an invoice. Once paid, he'll get your hat into production. To have the hat's at the island, order deadline is May 27th. You can still order a hat after the deadline and Mike can work out shipping for you.